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About us

Poya has a longtime commitment to bringing you the biggest and best selection of beautiful wedding bands. From cutting-edge tungsten rings to brilliant titanium wedding bands, from stainless steel to silver, Poya is your last stop on the quest for the perfect wedding ring on any budget.
The jewelry business is dynamic and ever-changing – Poya knows this. Discover timeless classic styles mixed in with fresh and experimental designs in our expansive wedding ring collection. Our online store is hassle-free and we have experienced wedding band consultants ready to answer any question. Shopping for the perfect wedding ring created with you in mind has never been so simple.
Read more about some of the stunning metals you will see in our rings.
Tungsten - Virtually scratchproof and with an everlasting shine, tungsten is one of our favorite cutting-edge metals. Tungsten rings are simple, elegant and utterly breathtaking.
Titanium – Discover more about this fashionable new wedding ring metal. Rare, durable and so shiny; Titanium is exactly what you want in a wedding band.
Our Manufacturers - Poya prides itself on only supplying rings from the best in the business. Our manufacturers are dedicated to creating striking and affordable rings.
Engraving – Any ring can be engraved both traditionally.